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January 17, 2020, 10:30 pm




God damn that song cover 😱😱 awesome.


When does 1st episode air? I haven't been this glued to program since Breaking Bad. Finally something new and original with a trailer that doesnt give everything away but just enough. The whole concept of this movie is actually kind of disturbing. I remember randomly coming across this one day and thinking 'holy shit that was good.

I loved this! watched the whole series in 1 day

I auditioned for a part in this movie. Black moon and black goo, I like. THIS IS A REAL OZARK ACCOUNT. my account! I want people to know. I was working as a full time volunteer at Windermere Baptist Conference Center in Roach, Missouri.I lived there for 15 months and they gave me a house to live in at the camp. In September 2016 I reported drugs coming through the camp to the camp president. Within 48 hours there were two hit men called in to murder me at the camp. But the LORD truly intervened for He allowed me to be at the right place at the right time to hear these two wicked men in the camp dining room. I fled the camp that day leaving many of my belongings behind in my camp cabin. I was followed by many strange cars and SUV's as I fled eastbound back to NJ. There was an actual attempt on my life with poison in Jackson, TN just 48 hours after I fled this ' Southern Baptist' camp. There is great evil going on in this camp and it took me 15 months of living there to actually see what was really going on. I believe that the hayride accident on Halloween night of 2015 was really a crime scene because I know that men were there to have s_x with underage gals (who were also on the hayride. I cleaned up the accident scene there at Windermere. The Missouri State police officers are 'in on it' and have covered this hayride mishap up. My life is still threatened by drug world people some 3 years after all of this happened. There has been two other known attempts on my life since the 1st poisoning episode. I pray the truth is told at Windermere and that the LORD has His camp back. I pray the 14 building dr-g/ s-x complex embedded within this camp is bulldozed. It is on the Wilderness Creek side of the camp; the side of the camp that gets the 'free' electricity from Southwest Electric. Police would hold 'training meetings' in the Windermere dining room. about 30-40 of them. I now know they were really there for their 'hush money. The Camden County Sheriff's Office in Camdenton, Missouri have deleted all 7 or 8 e-mails that I sent them and they have no case number or police report to this day; it is like it never even happened. But I know what is happened and I now know what is going on. It is time for the 'Southern Baptists' of Missouri to 'repent and come clean on this huge money making criminal operation. The LORD knows all and He is watching. The LORD truly watched over me and delivered me from this wicked Baptist camp. Please pray that the truth is told. because over 10K children (mainly teens go to this camp every summer and they have no idea of what is really going on around them. They are in great danger. The Baptist camp is a 'cover' for what is really going on. Thanks for listening. I have tried telling my story to no avail to police. I have told the LORD. That is all I can do now. Glenn Ericksen Retired NJ School Teacher and Gospel Musician.

Season two was good. Love the blonde Navarro cartel attorney chick. Donde es the cats tho? But still gonna watch. Ill let you if cats are in it.


The blue filter used in the filming of this series is driving me nuts - it's way too dark. The ozarks is only a little sample compared with real Mexico cartels power. WHJERE IS THE DAMN ORIGINAL SCORE REALEASE.







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