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December 30, 2019, 9:33 am

Thank You for Your Service



LunaSea: A Usenet Manager for iOS. Hey all, I'm a 3rd year cs student applying for Internships + PEYs so I'd like to answer some frequently asked questions about the PEY program, offer some advice, and share some stuff I've learned from interviews. If anything I've said is wrong/could be added to, let me know and I'll edit. Shameless plug. If you guys are in UTM CS, check out the White Van Discord: Full of lots of helpful upper years + TAs, who are all awesome and down to answer any questions. * Disclaimer. Im sure I have a few things wrong so my fellow Reddit friends will help me out here. The goal is to start a discussion on networks and how we may help those that need it. Unfortunately my time is limited today in how much I can write but Ill try to put down as much as I can to get the discussion going. amp#x200B; edit since I was on my phone earlier. updated comments 12/7/19 10 pm est. Special Note on -68 signal strength comments. When you see me talk abo.

Hello all! I switched from Android to iOS about a year ago, and I loved NZB360. As most iOS users probably know, there isn't a great app for usenet software management on iOS. So I decided to build something from scratch. So after months of working on this in my free time, I feel like it is in a good enough state for people to start using it! I built the application using Flutter, which means it can be compiled for iOS and Android (but I will talk about Android lower down. LunaSea Screensh.

Welcome to Weekend One of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Early Access Beta - Playstation 4 Exclusive. Hey fellow reditors, This is an updated and rewritten post of one I posted a few month ago. There are new redditors and the list contains a lot more games now, so take a look if you like. We are a group of old friends and we meet up * twice a year for a long weekend of couch (offline) coop gaming* and play a handful of times a month coop games online. We already did this on other platforms but are really going strong on the switch. I think you can consider us Coop-Experts. We often notice th.

(Possible Stutter Fix) To anyone who experiences Stutters on PC, win10 might be the culprit, and not just IW.