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March 14, 2020, 9:50 am

The Black Sheep Horror



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Thank you so much! I've always felt alone, unheard, and treated like I didn't matter. Now, I know I'm not crazy and what I felt was valid.

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Thank you so much for this video! Ive been going through so much recently with my “mother”/ family in general and have always felt the way you described in this video around and about my family. This video really confirms everything I was feeling. You really hit the nail right on the head with this one. This video was definitely a sign and gives me the strength to continue to flourish and fight for the life and mental health that I deserve. Blessings 💖.

9:57 Subscriber: தாடி வச்சா தெரியாதா?😂 சித்து: காரி துப்புங்க கேமரா வ பாத்து!😂😂😂 சித்து வேற லெவல் யா நீ. The black sheep affair. The black sheep song. The black sheep las vegas. Hello miss Im so glad I found your video I have been going thou some real problems with my parent and siblings. I have been the black sheep sense I was young even before I was a teen and got arrested. I have been trap in a hole that was my life. Im glad I have a person that I finally share my felling with besides a therapist which I have been too for years. Shes my beautiful wife to be. Im so glad I found this to but my felling in check and seeing im not the problem with my toxic family. I hope you read these and get back to me as little as a comment back. I hope every one that can find this and see the good in your role as a black sheep.

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