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Absolutely incredible, I just happened on your channel, and I have burned the last 2 hours watching videos. Jared I believe your far better than the dive treasure channels i've watched with my son while he waits until he is old enough to start diving open water. You explain how your getting stuff out of the water, and why. Where I watch you DO where others simple would say you can't or thats not possible. Its a little funny to watch your interactions with your crew and you say It will take me 4 hours and it takes 6 days, your so relatable. I. hope you get more sponsors and I hope your channel goes far.

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I love bowser jr he's so cute.

Shannon Whisnant purchased a grill at an auction. Inside the grill was an amputated leg. What follows is a story centered on the enterprising Whisnant and John Wood, the man whose leg wound up in the grill due to an odd chain of events.
This story, by itself, is quite interesting because of the events and people involved. Shannon Whisnant is clearly crazy, with delusions of grandeur. He does not seem stupid, but clearly feels he has been slighted by the world and should be someone important. John Wood, on the other hand, is generally portrayed as the victim, but he has his own problems and from what we see in the film, he seems to have more or less thrown away a golden ticket.
A little bit deeper, there are two issues I would love to have seen more of: one, why did the doctors let Wood keep his leg? I feel like there are some biohazard issues with letting people keep rotting flesh, and the film never really got into that.
And two, I wish the issue would have gone through actual legal channels. There are some excellent legal questions involved: does the leg belong to the person who found it, just as money in a mattress would? Or is it clearly something different because it is human remains. can you actually own part of another man? This could have been fascinating to see argued in court, but that never happens.


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Love the voice of Mabel in this song. I've been in a nasty storm right above the dam in a 12' aluminum boat and that was some scary shit. Finders Keepers Free stream.nbcolympics.

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