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December 30, 2019, 11:33 pm

Todos tus muertos


I'm so excited to see Togo getting a more widespread recognition. For anyone who may not know Leorhard Sepalla and Togo's team ran the longest and most arduous portion of The 1925 Serum Run to Nome. He is often not the name you'll recognize though because Gunnar Kaasan and Balto ran the last leg and Balto ended up with the most credit. Balto ended up almost instantly with articles, a statue, celebrations and hero status while all the other sled teams (not just Togo's) were somewhat ignored. Leonhard even said back then that he was upset with how he felt Togo wasn't even celebrated at even an equivalent level. There was definitely a lot of resentment towards Balto and Kaasan from the others. Leonhard himself also didn't get widespread recognition from Nome until decades after the run.

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Anna doesn't take any bullshit. Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire. Anna: Then DON'T run into fire.
Looks fun. having said that. why do I get the feeling they are treating ghosts like an alien attack? felt like force awakens meets power rangers but younger. unless this is what Nostalgia feels and looks like.


God damn this movie is good. made me cry at the end. I honestly would have never know the true story. I always thought the balto was the one who did most of the job and became a hero but it was togo. don't get me wrong balto did his job so did togo and we thank them for doing it. but woah I honestly didn't know anything about togo. im glad I saw this movie. 5/5.
Oh boi i cant wait to see 5million toys of that lizards we saw for 5 sec.


One of the best movies i've ever seen! this movies is a must watch! really worth the time. Should've replaced the t with the d. Read Serbian history about WW1. Vim mais rápido do que o marido tentando esconder as provas do crime. Kkkk. NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD. Anna? Elsa? Kristoff? Sven? Samantha? cracks up I don't even know anyone named Samantha. XD XD XD XD. "todos tus muertos" english. Todos tus muertos 1280p. Really liked how the castle of elsa from the first movie is seen here. Togo, the real question is. do I still have some tissues left from watching Alpha. 2016: All female reboot 2020: All children sequel.

Me interessou bastante, já quero ver...

Back when the europe was considered the world