Fresh Freedom Of Movement Festival Hq

January 10, 2020, 5:18 pm

Freedom of Movement Festival



PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR DETROIT! A LOVELY CITY. Also, and even more so, TRACK ID 27:00 This is just an absolute class track, Such a lush deep sound. Guys... the track on 27min. anyone... Freedom of Movement - Festival Internacional de Cine. Freedom of Movement. 2018 30 min. Germany, Italy Nina Fischer, Maroan el Sani. The directors have recontextualised this amidst Rome's rationalist architecture as a new race involving refugees and immigrants staking a claim to FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. Track id at 25:45. D. Like for man in green. What is that pathway in the midde dividing the crowd? never seen it before, looks total bs. MasyaALLAH jadi apa dunia ini. Amazing. Bombástico house.


Oh Gott. Da bekommt man Platzangst nur vom zusehen. Ich war das letzte Mal 2010 in ozora. So viele Menschen ­čą░. Perfect. Amazing editing. Commentary tries to get you to think that their particular brand is underground and their festival is not like all those other mainstream festivals. Video editor shows girls dancing in slow motion like they do in all the other mainstream festival promo videos. What did we learn here? Pussy and Money over everything. Fechando o baile com classe na E-TRIP. Shout out to Mixmag and Soul Clap for a special Monday session to end the Green Shirt Guy and had an amazing time in Detroit with so much great music and great people. Haha the dude with the green shirt from tini's video from miami is heree hehe. Definitely not.

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