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January 17, 2020, 2:15 am

Adventures of Serial Buddies Keven Undergaro



Deep Murder - Movies on Google Play. I must admit I'm a little jaded about Indy movies. I've been watching them since the Indy explosion of the 90s (clerks, reservoir dogs, train-spotting, etcetera) and they've since degenerated into a bunch of grim clichés. This movie was recommended to me by a friend of a friend who saw it at a film fest, and I was skeptical. Life's too short for gritty navel gazing. Massive popcorn blockbusters may be getting dumber and dumber and dumber, but you sign up for a roller coaster and you get your money's worth. I thought I was in for something "quirky" and pointless. But Damn! This movie blew me away. We're talking about the most insane humor I've seen outside of South Park. The kind of laughter and WTF? originality that makes your stomach hurt and makes you glad that it's hurting. We're talking about a movie that combines the imaginative, symbolic production design of a major label film and the intensity we come to expect from quality Indy cinema. These characters are compelling. The storyline is heartwarming. The look of it is utterly yet evocative of your favorite cult movies. Paul Ashton is a star in the making. Christopher Lloyd is a surprise provider of amazing gravitas. Keven Undergaro is a director to watch. What an amazing surprise this movie was. It's restored my faith in Indy cinema. See this movie, laugh yourself stupid, cry a little, and tell your friends. Would a sequel be too much to ask for.


Overview of Adventures of Serial Buddies, 2011, directed by Keven Undergaro, with Gian Molina, Hal Rudnick, Todd Wilson, at Turner Classic Movies. Adventures of Serial Buddies (2011) A continuación un breve resumen de Adventures of Serial Buddies. Gregory es un católico devoto que quiere matar personas malvadas para garantizarles el paso seguro al cielo, Gary es un trabajador de la asamblea en una tienda de trofeos que quiere matar potenciales ganadores del trofeo, Graham es el interno de Gary que hará cualquier cosa para.

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