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December 31, 2019, 8:39 pm

USA The Sweeter Side of Life


'Cold Case. Game of Thrones' Actors Kathryn Morris and.


Confections of a pop tart. but so does the ultra-flat surface, dead as a discarded nail clipping. Picasso's Weeping Woman and Ernst's great tragi-comic beast, The Elephant Celebes.


This Hallmark TV romantic comedy about how Kathryn Morris' husband dumps her for a twenty year old acupuncturist and she must move back in with her father at his bakery in Flemington NJ has some good performances going for it. Alastair Mackenzie is particularly amusing and knows how to take a comic fall. However, the occasional clangorous line like "Thank you for not selling out your daddy" prevent it from being much above average good.
I am taken with Ms. Morris' performance as she goes from pampered upper-class lady to down-to-earth New Jersey girl. A lot of these Hallmark romcoms start by having their heroines starting out obnoxious to make their transformations more dramatic. This one gets you on her side immediately, by a brief, self-satisfied smile at her position and then plunges her into shocked incomprehension as her husband kicks her out, ameliorated by good comic bits. It's those bits that keep this one watchable throughout.

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