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January 1, 2020, 8:48 pm





Reminds me of Osmosis Jones. The end just wasnt satisfying Thats what she said. This looks amazing. Spot on and a perfect balance between social aspects, structure, culture and, not least, genetics. As we learn more about our genetic conditions, the sociological theories and insights that for a long time have been, albeit important, are far from complete to understand irrational human behavior. The movie catches it very well. Wow this looks better than I expected it to be. This is a pretty brilliant concept. On paper it didn't really seem interesting and I'm sure it was like that during the pitch at Pixar, but this movie actually looks promising. Can't wait. The funniest part about this film is all the liberal reviews which take fault with that fact that Amy Schumer is already conventionally attractive and thus this plot doesn't make sense for her. I than start laughing and lose any respect I had for their opinion.

Humor is subjective people! There is no unfunny people, just different kinds of humor. The comments on videos with her is a good indication that particularly men doesn't like her, just for being ugly and talking about feminism and female struggles with appearance, self acceptance etc. I feel like hating her has become a thing even for people who haven't seen her movie or anything she has done. Not everyone is into Adam Sandler either, but he would never be called the nasty things this woman gets called all the damn time. I use this joke at school a lot, that's what she said.

Retarded. Great. hes mad & nothing else. all his dialogue is HNNNNNNNNGH GRRRRRRRRRR IM MAD! BLISTERING FURY ANGER creative & imaginitive hollywood. I mean pixar. how far from grace youve fallen.


I love Pixar! Toy story, and Nemo, and Up, These guys are amazing. Alguien sabe como se llama la canción que tocan cuando Joey y Molly bailan y se besan... I really wanna see this now. Why when a kid ask to be left alone cant they be left alone. Its always tue parents fault. Oh boy. Speech can be violent. You have no idea how easy it is to bypass the prefrontal cortex and get right at that limbic system with nothing more than speech Optogenetics isn't the only way either. Now. I agree that it takes an exceptionally stupid person to get triggered by fightin' words. Someone offended by speech to such a degree that they cannot function is not healthy. But not all of those people can be reached by rational discourse. Something more robust may need to be employed.

I'd want to see this but when does it come out. Gotta love Ben Shapiro. He is consistently making points that are correct. Good stuff. Watch Online Free Ordinary Savage: The origins of violence and hurt feelings. Sir, reporting high levels of sass. I just died. Hahahaha. Lol.


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